1st Ever Google foldable phone all the things you should know.


Google is going to launch its first-ever foldable phone in the market and it can bring change in the smartphone industry as demand for foldable phones is going up with the time

Reason to look out for Google’s first ever-foldable phone

As Pixel has already set the standard of what Android should be, it is very exciting to see the standard with foldable phones too and also it is indirectly responsible for the growth of the foldable phone industry and finally someone to compete with Samsung.

Google pixel Foldable expected price?

Price is going to be on the higher side as its Google’s first folding phone and Pixel ( google ) is known to have a premium pricing side according to rumors, the price is going to be $1799 for USA and Rs.145700 for India (12/256) GB variant.

Google foldable phone renders


Google Pixel foldable packs a 5.8-inch OLED outer display with a distinctly wide 17.4:9 aspect ratio in Full HD Plus resolution (2,092 by 1,080 pixels) and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The 7.6-inch OLED inner display sports a more tablet-size 6:5 aspect ratio (2,208 by 1,840 pixels) and also a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. 

Google pixel foldable specs?

Google Pixel is expected to have a 7.6-inch OLED display with a 120hz refresh rate and tends to have packed with Google’s latest tensor G2 processor and weigh around 283Gm with a battery capacity of 4821 Mah.

Google pixel foldable release date?

Google is all set to introduce its first-ever foldable smartphone, Pixel Fold, during the Google I/O 2023 event on May 10, it will be very exciting to watch for all the viewers around the world about the specs and the pricing of the phone.

Samsung fold 4 vs Google foldable phone which is better?

It is hard to tell that which one will be better as there is no official announcement about the details regarding the specs of the pixel fold but according to rumors we’ll compare Samsung Fold 4 with the google pixel fold



SIZE7.67.8 inch
REFRESH RATE120hz120hz
PROCESSORSD 8Gen 1Tensor g2
RAM STORAGE12/25612/512

Need of Google pixel foldable phone in the market?

According to some reports, there is increased demand in the foldable phone industry and the pixel fold can bring a revolution in this industry as the pixel is known for its premium services, and now people are more inclined towards larger displays and improved device flexibility.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Google pixel foldable?

Pros of Pixel fold

  • Larger battery
  • Updates will be on time
  • User friendly
  • Superb camera

Cons of Pixel fold

  • Larger Battery will result in heavy weigh
  • Poor battery Backup
  • Repairing time is high compared to other smartphones brand.
  • Overpriced according to specification.

Is the foldable phone future?

With the increased demand for larger phone displays and higher multitasking opportunities, it is reported that there is a 52% increasement in the shipments of foldable phones but foldable phones are quite expensive and tend to lose value quickly that is the main problem with foldable phones.

Features of a foldable phone?

Foldable phones offer many useful features that other normal smartphones don’t provide nowadays there is more demand for larger display phones but also it should be handy enough to travel around that is where a foldable phone takes place as it is easy to use and it is very flexible.

Will foldable phones tend to use more battery?

Foldable phone always tends to lose more battery compare to non-foldable phones because of their thinner size and thickness this thing depend on the usage, Battery life greatly depends upon usage, screen resolution, processing and sometimes temperature contribute to battery life. fold-ability has nothing to do with battery drain.



How much Crease is in the foldable phone?

In the latest teaser, we can see the first official look of the pixel (google) fold and the crease is quite noticeable it is common to have crease but the bezels look big in the teaser and that big bezels in 2023 is kind of cheap.

Are foldable phones worth it?

Someone who wants to love multitasking and loves the big screen and wants a pocket-friendly device can surely look for foldable phones but foldable phones tend to lose their value real quick.

What is the camera setup of the Google foldable phone?

The pixel fold phone is set to have a triple camera setup consisting of a primary 64MP Sony IMX, 12MP Samsung telephoto, and 10MP Sony ultrawide.

When Google pixel fold phone is expected to go on sale?

Google is set to launch its next Google fold phone on 10 May and it is expected that phone to go on sale in 2-3 weeks of the month.

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